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My treatment philosophy is one of minimal intervention and I utilise fluid abrasion and orthodontic treatment where indicated. The initial one hour consultation for a referred patient will cost £140 and includes:

  • History taking
  • Assessing what the patient would actually like to achieve
  • Full dental charting of hard and soft tissues
  • Initial occlusal examination
  • Assessment of the TMJs (jaw joint examinations)
  • Clinical dental photographs
  • Periodontal examination
  • Tooth-wear and recession examination
  • Digital radiographs where required
  • Explanation of findings to the patient

An initial TMJ consultation is priced at £160.

If the patient wishes to proceed further I will then produce a written estimate of treatment options and costs. More complex cases may require a second appointment to present treatment options to the patient and this may require diagnostic wax ups and articulated models. I would provide each patient with an estimate for this extra work.

Patients would return to their referring dentist once treatment is complete. I would however be delighted to follow up patients over time where appropriate, e.g. to review occlusal function or splint management. For dental emergencies relating to a referred patient's treatment that I am undertaking, I (or a colleague at the practice) will endeavour to provide emergency dental treatment.